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Relief, Resources, and Rescue for Immigrants

Recently I found some organizations willing and able to step up and help our fellow men, women, and children in need of humanitarian aid. They flee civil conflict, violence, corruption, and bloody drug wars.

Resources for immigrants: The Congress of Day Laborers meets every Wednesday from 7pm - 8:30pm at 3401 Canal St in First Grace Methodist Church. They share up-to-date information about immigration enforcement practices, know your rights trainings, and invite people into organizing campaigns. At the end of the meeting, individuals can have consultations with organizers about individual issues.

Recursos para inmigrantes: El Congreso de Jornaleros se reúne todos los miércoles de 7 pm a 8:30 pm en la Primera Iglesia Metodista, ubicada en 3401 Canal St. Ellos comparten información actualizada de las prácticas de las autoridades, entrenamientos de derechos civiles, invitan a campañas, y la gente puede consultar con los organizadores respecto a sus asuntos individuales.

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